Our Artists Collections

Deccana Artist Collection

Deccana Group Inc is proud to open our Artist Collection. It is a gallery for artists from around the world that recognize and support the ideals of global responsibility and working together to contribute to the greater good.

We started this gallery because we believe it is better to support those artists by putting the artist and those culturally and environmentally significant projects we support ahead of personal financial gain. In speaking to art dealers and artists we recognized the imbalance in place. Art Dealers and Galleries make the lion’s share of any art transaction because their mission is too limited and their overhead is high. We are attempting to change that. 

Deccana Group believes that Art is the root of man's ability to communicate. Art is responsible for building the languages that provide common understandings that allowed man to succeed as a species. The earliest attempts to communicate with one and other required that the sounds we made be supplemented by graphics, pictures and symbols in the simplest form of Art. The evolution of Art and its many forms now branches into every aspect of our culture as the most sophisticated forms make us feel emotion and drive the trends that create economies.

The difference between art that touches us and those pieces that don’t are the Artists themselves. When you look at an artists work and it speaks to you in its silence, it changes you forever. Our hope is that you find that piece that speaks to you here and the purchase unites both you with the artist and the greater good of global responsibility.  

If you need any assistance with more information on any piece displayed here or would like to discuss a commissioned work please contact us for personal assistance. We will do our best to help.