Deccana Marbling Equipment

-Deccana's Exclusive all metal design with our "Permaclean Finish" ©. This equipment is the finest equipment available anywhere in the world. It is the lightest, most durable, most accurate and easiest to use equipment you can buy. A great deal of time and effort was invested to make sure this statement is true so you can get the most out of your marbling experience. The Permaclean finish is by far the easiest to clean and most durable on the market. Even two and three day old marbling residue requires only warm water and light sponge wiping to remove dried residue completely. We can’t test all paints but those we have tested will not stain our finish especially if you clean directly after use. If you do not agree with our claims there is a 90 day full refund return policy backing up our products. Most of our accessories integrate and fit with our different size trays, wherever possible, so each tray does not require a complete set of unique tools reducing your total investment and increasing your artistic freedom.