Artist Tracy Wilson

Tracy Wiston


The “Art” world as we know it is filled with such talented visionaries (past and present) that make it not only competitive, but sources of inspiration to draw upon. Mine happens to be Pablo Picasso and Jean Michel Basquiat. I love how distorted and/or unforgiving the images they convey in their work(s). For me the beauty in art [as an artist] is allowing yourself to be free to speak to your audience with no apologies or permission. A young lady asked me once about a painting of mine on what it meant and what was my motivation? I told her that I had no clear definition as to what the painting meant and that it had no story behind it. The colors and the overall composition is what moved me to create the piece. I also told her that most of my work tends to have a wide grey area, meaning I leave room for the spectator to interpret my piece(s) however they see them, or draw their own conclusion. On the other hand I create pieces that have significant meaning and or a story behind it, because it came from a personal experience or real life experience not necessarily my own, which I then interpret through my creativity.

Aside from canvas I like to seek other materials and/or surfaces uncommonly used when creating works of art. Normally I work with acrylic, charcoal, latex and spray paint, resin sand, compound and gypsum which gives me texture and a variety of finishes. I have experimented with “un-conventional” materials such as glass cleaner, varnishes, aluminum foil, candle wax, shoe polish and even used motor oil to see the elements interact with one another to the final drying result. As a side gig I work in construction/home repair which I bring into the studio incorporating “unconventional” materials such as window screens, wall anchors to name a few used on job sites into my work. As an artist, I am constantly thinking outside the box of my comfort zone


Some of Tracy Winston's Works