About Deccana Products

About Deccana Group

Deccana Group was born organically. Deccana came together by the simple connections of intelligent people over a a period of time. The Deccana Group understands the importance of art as a key element that strengthens the human condition. It binds us together. We have all come to this understanding starting from different origins seeking different solutions. Deccana Group understands the artists ability to express themselves.

Deccana Group is very much a social enterprise. At Deccana we look for and support people who understand the freedom, expression, therapy, and sharing that is art. Deccana offers products that are unique, very high quality and responsibly produced. At Deccana we are searching for and will support companies that operate culturally and environmentally significant programs producing materials that enhance the artists ability to express themselves.

We need to you support us so we can support this vision. Come in, look around and contact us with any suggestions, referrals, or donations you may believe to be helpful to us.